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The Queen of Purple Hearts

I have always loved Valentine's Day. Hearts and flowers and sweet treats are enchantingly delicious to me as well as the thought of love expressions coming my way.Yet, as I reflect on my situation in life right now and all that has transpired recently, I don't feel even potentially romantically loved--at all. People might say it is natural to feel like this after going through a divorce, but I have been getting divorced for nearly two years and really can't see the day when I might meet someone who will actually care about me.

Who would have guessed I would still be singing the same sad song two years later? I hope no one. Because if they did, they're not my friend. But anyways...

As with everything, purple comes to mind when sorting out my thoughts. Purple is made up of reds and blues. Red represents all the love I hold within my heart and beyond its scope. I might be in a romantic love drought, but my cup runneth over with platonic love. To count all the friends I have would take too long and would drive me nuts. And as for the necessary blue--if you don't have a valentine as I do not, you pretty much have the blues. It just makes sense.

Therefore, today, I declare myself to be The Queen of Purple Hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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