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I will survive!

At times, each and every person goes through hard times in her/his life. It is life. As human beings, we grow the most during periods of change and learning. Some trials are worse than others; I must admit that. 

For instance, when my mother passed away unexpectedly, I thought I would never sleep another night without getting snot-nosed and blubbery before being able to close my eyes and get the essential rest my body demanded. Then to compare my school challenges with that, I really don't ever cry over my homework (it has been close sometimes). Knowing that struggles work on a sliding scale doesn't change the fact that I have hard days because of school, kids, or whatever, but it helps me recognize that through my worst trials I have been able to find the light and knowledge I was supposed to learn from them. Mind you, it has been much, much later than in the moment for some things, but I recognize that I have grown and learned from some seriously tough stuff over the years.

The past few months have been crammed with intense emotional, mental, and physical trials for me--an absolute barrage of  setbacks and stress. Whenever I have a moment to ponder on the insanity of my life, I strive to seek what I could be learning -- in the moment -- from what is happening around and to me.  Just so you know, I can't always understand or find the lesson, but it helps to be seeking for understanding. 

Whatever it is you are troubled with, I know that things have a way of working out and turning into something wonderful if you make good choices in the midst of the problem. I haven't been around forever, but I have had enough life experience to know that the old saying "time heals all wounds" is real.  You are never the same after being wounded, but you can heal. 

Also, I don't know if this is very original or what, but a friend was talking about problems and so forth and I said that I was just surviving lately. This is what my friend said to my response: "Sometimes just surviving is an accomplishment".
Isn't that fabulous? I think I need to make a sign out of that and put it on a wall in my house that I walk by all the time.  

Remember, trials come and go and nothing can drag you down without your permission.


  1. This is a good companion to my post yesterday: http://savvyandsage.blogspot.com/2011/05/never-let-trials-defeat-you.html. I'm so glad you'll survive, because I don't think I could live a day without you!

  2. fellow blogspotter: how did you post yesterday?

    well, I am glad you like me enough to wish for my survival...you rock :)

  3. Reading your post the only thing I kept thinking was .... she should have the song "I will Survive" playing on this....ta-dah, there it was at the bottom of the post!

    And I agree.....Surviving is an accomplishment!

  4. I love this song! I always have. Isn't the video awesome?

  5. Dear Friend, I will survive too!! Thanks for the post!

  6. Totally agree with your friend :)

  7. comment from HowToRunInHeels via blogfrog:

    I have been to the bottom....to the point that I had no will, no desire to get out of bed for days and weeks on end. I had no direction, no motivation, no passion left within me because I allowed the circumstances of my life to define me.

    Yes! We will survive! To climb out of my pit, I chose that instead of having my circumstances affect my mood, I decided that my MOOD was going to effect my circumstance! Then it becomes so much more than just survival!

    I wrote a little about my personal experience here http://howtoruninheels.com/what-motivates-you


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