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Fancy is My Middle Name

I was poking around on some fun websites for making my blog super duper and ran across this "button" (whatever that means).

How did someone know they needed to make this?  Fancy AND Purple!  Gotta love it.

Not to say that I am a rich sort of fancy, but I have always had an affinity for the fancy things in life starting at a young age. For instance, I used to only wear Mary Janes or dress shoes for school until I was in sixth grade.  That is when I got my first pair of athletic shoes.  And mind you I could only call them tennis shoes because that is obviously way more fancy sounding.

I believe my mom did it to me.  I am an only girl and so she dressed me up any chance she got and you love what you know. Also, since I was the only one asking for the fancy stuff, my parents could afford the habit.  When it was time to get me a new bed, I got an antiqued yellow canopy bed from Ethan Allen.  Talk about fancy. I loved that thing so much. My friends and my best cousin and I would drape sheets to make "rooms" on my bed, playing half the night. Those were some good times.

Well, I am not looking forward to today...I have Spanish class, too much homework, early out day for kids, and I am just plain tired. Totally NOT fancy whatsoever, but oh well. You can't be fancy all the time.

Hope you have a great start to your week and let's see what adventures come our way...


  1. I'm pretty sure I slept on that canopy bed a couple times. And what I would like to know is how someone as fancy as yourself can STAND that your quotations never work? The first one is always pointing the wrong way...in several blog posts. I know this must be driving you crazy! Oh, and you can't blame being an only girl for your fancy habit. Kayley's an only girl...I loved dressing her up too...but from the moment she could express an opinion she went Tom-boy on me and chewed me out for the fancy. So...

  2. FYI: The stupid quotation mark thing is bugging the living garbage out of me. It is bugging me so bad that I actually get tempted to choose other ways of putting things just to avoid using them. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, PLEASE advise.

    I was hoping to blame my poor deceased mother for my fancy habit, but I guess I should come clean and just own it. I adore fancy stuff and even just being able to use the word fancy in everyday language. (my kids laugh at me over it)

  3. You sure looked beautiful, purple and fancy yesterday! Love your new background.


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