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If you haven't noticed, the blog is under construction. There are some darling buttons that lead to weird places and some things just don't look quite right...

This is all a tiny sacrifice to make this the awesomest blog in the universe (well, the awesomest about the stuff I write about) so more people will take a look, realize how fun and fab it is, and actually want to join in with all of us.

One of my main concerns is to not make it too ultra girly. After my fancy post, I hope the male readership realizes that I am a girly girl, but I don't want to have it too cutesie and guys to feel weird about having it up on their screen. I think I bring up topics relevant to both sexes.  If you are a guy and are reading this, PLEASE give me some feedback on this. Have you found at least one posting a week somewhat interesting? I adore honesty. It is highly useful.

You also might notice that there is another name up there with the purple lady's. It is my friend Julie who is helping my technically-challenged self to rise to new heights by taking over the aesthetics department for a bit. When it takes you over an hour to figure out a FB like button and you still don't have one on your blog, there are serious problems! I have some of the most fabulous friends a girl could ever hope for.

Thanks Julie for your kindness, patience, and absolute generosity with your time and talents. Everyone on here thanks you too, I am sure.

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  1. Don't feel too bad. I've had my blog for a year and I am just now figuring out how to design a button or should say trying to figure it out.

    Following you from BlogFrog's {in}courage.



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