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you are super


1. You feed your children regularly, thus causing them to grow at healthy levels consistently.
2. You send them to school in clean clothes--rather you made sure they had clean clothes to put on when they woke up (if they get soiled from point A to point B--their problem)
3. You are physically present to keep them safe when you should be.
4. They feel loved on a regular basis.
5. You make sure to take time for yourself without going to the extreme of forgetting you are a mom.
6. There is some form of decent shelter provided.
7. You don't abuse them in any way.
8. If you have in the past, you have stopped and got professional help.

By the way, the same list goes for dads.

The list is really basic and I am sure there could be a couple of other things to add, but seriously people.  We need to do positive self-talk, instead of always feeling so inferior. We are all people trying to live and be happy. Negativity is just too destructive.

Here is what I tell myself when feeling low:

-Laura, you are awesome.
-You are strong.
-You are a jerk sometimes, but other times you are amazing and people like you.
-Not everyone likes you, but you can't have everything.
-You take good care of your children.
-It doesn't matter what everyone else does if it doesn't work for you.
-God loves you.

A parent's job is hard and very complicated, although I do think we complicate it for ourselves at times.
If you are doing that list, whether you are a working mom, stay at home dad, or somewhere in the middle-- guess what?

You are SUPER and Don't Forget It.


  1. Good to see other women taking a different view of Super Mothers too.

  2. I see it all the time. "Regular" moms doing these great things with their children. Staying the course should not be deemed mediocre. It is a hard things on some days...


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