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In Her Footsteps

for Debby - Mother Extraordinaire
In Her Footsteps

my mother no longer lives on earth
she died and left me behind
to witness and attest
that an angel gave me birth
her love and laughter reach out
through the years
her teachings and example help me
through the tears

mothers are extraordinary
we question them
argue with them
rebel against them
until one day
we open our eyes 
and see them 
for the first time
we recognize the treasure
behold the developed wisdom
admit our failure to love
and move forward 
working to show the love
bursting from 
our over-flowing
before time runs out

each day I live
to show the world
that my mom 
was extraordinary

by following
in her footsteps


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your sweet mom!! Hope you are also having a fabulous day! Happy Mothers Day!! =)

  2. This is for my mom and all the other angel moms...

  3. Oh, Laura, that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. Very beautiful words, Laura. I know - by knowing you - that your mom was a wonderful woman.


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