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I don't know about you, but I cannot stand the news I heard this morning. I can't stand it so much that I must speak out.

What is up with people cheating on each other? Remember permissible infidelity? Well, what is up with all the rest of the kinds of infidelity?  Arnold Schwarzenegger actually fathered a child with a servant?  And didn't tell his wife for how long?

The entire situation is absolutely appalling, disgusting, pitiful, and sad.  And let us all remember that Mr. Terminator is a Hollywoodite.  What a poor example of how to be a husband, father, and let's just say it -- a man. Too many people in our society look up to actors and actresses for their role models and he has turned out to be a lecherous infidel.

My sympathies go out to his family.  Why should all the world know this man touched on a woman other than his wife and his wife have to bear that? It must be even more heartbreaking to have the whole world know about how poorly her spouse conducted himself.

Lest we forget in all the uproar, not only men and Hollywoodites do this type of thing.  I only use these particular events as a prime example of the problem society faces.

Infidelity has been a timeless tragedy against the tender trusting hearts of too many husbands, wives, and children. I believe that through nurturing the upcoming generations to know how wrong infidelity is and teaching them how to communicate so as to avoid getting into situations where temptation may strike, we can attempt eradication of this ugly blight on society.

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  1. I don't know about purple but it made me blue to hear about Arnold cheating on his wife. I continually hope for more great marriages especially those that are so public to help encourage people to stick to their vows and enjoy a life of marital bliss. This one made me both furious and sad.
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