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Hand over a slice of humble pie

The stress of four monkey children, school, being a new blogger, and an entire overhaul of my life as I know it has me in hyper-drive and I had not realized how overwhelmed and hyper I have become until the other day.

One of my good friends is currently going through a serious personal trial and I had not talked to her in too long, so of course I called her. But in my hyperactive, overly concerned way, I cut to the chase and asked her "so are you still in horrible status quo or what?"

She then proceeded to be my true friend, explaining how my particular word choices were not helping her, etc. and then asked me how I am doing and shared some of her precious time chatting with me.
(I nearly wrote more of the details of the conversation to demonstrate how she was able to be so Christlike even amidst the offense, but feel like she might not want a play by play read by the world.)

I must admit I had to suck up the tears to not to let her hear it over the phone. I feel so bad that I have been adding to her hurt, even if it was unintentional. Where was my concern and compassion in those words?  How often do I do that?! Honestly, I don't even know why I am telling everyone about this either. I'm like, "hi, I am a jerk. Read my blog." stupid stuff for sure.

My big point is that a friend who can be straight up with you no matter what is a keeper.
Thank you to all my family and friends, old and new, who love me when I am at my best and keep on loving me through my worst.

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