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the lowdown on birthdays

What makes a birthday something to celebrate year after year?

I am a serious celebrator of birthdays. If I get it into my head that someone needs a birthday party (including myself), I will begin planning sometimes over a year in advance-- usually only a few months, but still -- you now see my overachiever side for sure. This idiosyncrasy has been with me a LONG time.

When I was between 7-9years old, I remember being in the Lucky's grocery store with my mom and asking her if I could have a birthday party. My mom responded, "if you want to have a birthday party, you plan it and I'll pay for it. If you don't want to plan it, you can't have a party." And that conversation began my love of party planning.

These celebrations are a place to come together, spend time, and build stronger, lasting relationships.

Not to get morbid on y'all, but what makes birthdays so important comes into crystal clear view the second someone you love dies. You no longer are able to tell them you love them through words and deeds, only in the continued faith and hope that you will see them again when your existence on Earth is done. Each day we have with our family, friends and neighbors is a gift. Every day we have the choice to be kind or mean, thoughtful or selfish, forgiving or not, celebrating or taking it all for granted.

At times, I take people for granted. I objectify them or just plain old get too comfortable. Why do we do this, especially to the ones we care for the most usually? How can we at least attempt to do better at appreciating our gift of life with our friends and family?

For me it is a matter of getting out of my comfort zone and taking stock in what exactly people are doing for me and what I am doing for them. Sometimes I feel like a total and complete taker/non-giver of friendship and at other times I can tell how I have made a difference in life.

While a birthday party doesn't really change the world, it can help someone feel loved while here. Birthday celebrating is a manifestation of our desire to live a happy life with everyone we love surrounding us and us surrounding them.


  1. I think Zach needs to read this...seriously...and this needs to include anniversaries and Mother's Day too. Haha. ::winks at Zach::

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