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California Dreamin'

I was totally trying to figure out how to do the create a playlist thing and remembered a cherished memory from my summers on the central coast of sunny California...

My family took a road trip to California for my best cousin's wedding and I had been terribly excited to see her as usual, but did not count on the fact that she was getting married the day we arrived and would be heading out that same evening. Needless to say, it didn't take long for my sixteen year old self to realize I was not going to have very much fun on these visits anymore.

So anyways, I don't recall how I actually met Dave and Chris, but we hit it off instantly from what I remember. I thought I would have the worst summer vacation ever and it turned out to be amazing.

These two guys were hilarious. They were responsible for my introduction to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the glories of Waller park, cool old VW bugs and what California boys were really like--entertaining, sweet, and so unique. I picked up their habit of using over the top adjectives in every day speech. They used to say the word horrible for EVERYTHING practically. (I really do need to stop doing that...the habit gets me in trouble at times)

One of those guys made me a tape (there I go revealing my age) with the song "Tell Laura I Love Her" by Ricky Valance on it. I had never heard of that song until I met Chris, so I won't ever forget how thoughtful the gesture was in a quirky sort of way.  I wore that tape out, but here is a video for your listening enjoyment:

"Sealed with Kiss" was another song that I got introduced to that summer and have loved Ricky Valance's music ever since. Whenever I hear one of his songs, I think about the priceless friendships I made that summer. Thanks Dave and Chris -- your friendship changed me for the better.

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