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SOLSC 2014: Graduation

Things just got real. Well, actually, they've been pretty darn real already with all the practicum hours and mind-crushing editing deadlines lately. So to be accurate, things just got more real. I received my deadline to apply for graduation. 

I've been chipping away at my teaching/editing degree for so long that it has truly been a journey. We don't need to pretend in the least. So much has changed since I enrolled in my first college course:  

I broke up with the boy I thought I would marry. 
I got married (to someone other than that boy). 
I had four children. 
Both of my parents died. 
I raised my niece. 
I moved. 
I made friends I never would have if I didn't move. 
I got divorced. 

And I'm still not graduated—yet. 

If this isn't a bona fide adventure, I don't know what is. I've learned so much more than book knowledge and have felt the guiding force of God as I took each step along the way. Despite the tears and heartache that have been ever-present, I feel so entirely blessed to have come so far. 

And I wonder at how much further I will be able to go once I pass this milestone. 


  1. Deadline to apply for graduation! Woo-hoo! That calls for a celebration! And so many milestones along the way!

  2. Congratulations! Perseverance in the formal education and so much real-life education along the way. God is good.

  3. You have quite a full life...and graduation is now another milestone. Good for you to keep at it. Your life sounds like it has been rich in wonderful and also sad experiences. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  4. You have had so much more real education. As you said, God has guided you in your path. I am a great believer that we are where we are supposed to be and that all the events in our lives shape us. May you graduate when you need to.


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