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SOLSC 2014: Fifth Grade

I honestly thought I'd never have to do another fifth grade report ever again after I made sure to do an extra good job on my science fair project back in the day. Alas, I relived the good old days yesterday as I assisted my sweet girl with her fifth grade biography project. 

One thing to consider is that I don't believe in assisting in any major ways with school projects, so her emotionality must have really got to me. She did do all of the research herself and even did all of the writing until I got my hands on it since she was freaking out. My editor eyes just could not resist the polishing that I love so much. I think she might have been offended a bit at first because I kept adding a word here and there and deleting a word there and here. But then, she could see how her mom was making something great into something brilliant, and my mini-me decided that she could calm down and let me help her a little bit. 

Taking that time to help her made it to where half of my own homework was late and the other half was less than intelligent. But I wouldn't change anything about it. My sweet girl knows I love her because I gave her the gift of time. 


  1. Those are the gifts that matter!

  2. You know exactly when to let her figure things out and when to step in and help- what a great Mom!


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