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SOLSC 2014: The Bus Dilemma

Wake up.
Review the day's schedule.
Freak out.
Wake up children.
They freak out.
Where are my clothes?
Don't miss your bus.
I won't miss my bus.
Uh, yeah you will.
Goofing around and talking and playing.
Everyone else getting ready and making messes there won't be time enough to clean up.
Put on makeup.
Breathe, you just need to breathe.
Yell down the stairs to hurry up even though it's already past time.
And you both know it.
Run out the door.
Two minutes later.

. . . Silence . . .

. . . More silence . . .

. . . A look . . .

. . . Another look . . .

Dude, I told you.
I'm sorry.
I don't believe you.
I am.
Figure out how to show me.
Showing is what matters most. 


  1. This sounds a bit like our house in the morning. We are still trying to find our groove. Thankfully we can see the bus before it gets to our road. That has saved us!

    1. You are so lucky to have a warning sign! I am envious.

  2. Were you at my house this morning? This is directly from my house.

    1. Love it! You really made me smile. It comforts me to know we're not alone in the madness.

  3. You just described our house in the morning. So frustrating. The upside? Think about all the apologies we'll get 15-20 years from now when they have kids of their own. Doh!

    1. It's like money in the bank. Sort of. ha ha!


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