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SOLSC 2014: What a day!

  • Formally asked on a date by a stranger for the first time in almost two decades
  • Accepted the invitation!
  • Oil change and other less ordinary car stuff
  • Ironed out plans for my first date as a single person after almost two decades of not being single
  • Smiled for approximately 4.5 hours solid after that!
  • Talked on the phone with a sweetheart sister-in-law
  • Transformed my daughter with autism into a princess for a ball 
  • My neighbor came over and helped by doing her makeup! 
  • Dressed to impress as I transformed into a chauffeur for the special needs dance
  • Wardrobe malfunction caused me to tug at my undershirt all night 
  • I won't wear that dress again!
  • Time ran out for thinking any academic thoughts
  • I needed a break! 


  1. I hope you tell us about your first date. I liked reading through your list...you sound busy...but I could feel your smile. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/


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