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SOLSC 2014: A Very Short Narrative

A Romantic Tragedy/Reality

The knowing wasn't the hardest part. And it wasn't the acting upon the knowing that hurt. The aftermath of feeling so much love is what was killing part of her, deep down inside. It was having to let go despite the realization that she couldn't breathe without him; rather, she didn't want to breathe without him.

In the end, we carry on as if nothing ever happened. 


  1. Wow...I read this three times so I would get the full impact of your words. So true...so true...so true! Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you! It took my breath away just to write it.

  2. Where are you going with this? I absolutely love it! I read it over and over again. Powerful! ;)


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