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SOLSC 2014: slicing

It feels strange to think that we're into the second week of the writing challenge, but it is true. I guess my report is that I'm surviving the challenge relatively well. Words haven't completely quit me yet, so there must be something working for my good here. The other truth is that while I've found words each day, they haven't always come easily. For instance, right now. I nearly forgot that I have a plan to slice every day. When it dawned on me that I hadn't written a slice of life yet, disappointment settled in somewhat. I wished so hard that I could just go to sleep. Who cares if you don't do the challenge every single day? It's not that big of a deal. Right? 

Wrong. I care if I do the challenge. I care because I know that I become a better writer when I push myself and participate in other people's writing challenges. So, you might say it's a pretty big deal—even if no one else can see why. 


  1. I'm glad the words are flowing easily for you! I did set up a blank post for each day of the first week - that helped! I feel the same way about writing every day. It's a great goal!

  2. Right on. I can so relate. Once in a blue, that little voice nudges me, "It's not that big of a deal... You don't HAVE to write EVERYday." But like anything in life, we give meaning to our endeavors. It is important- to follow through, to stay committed, both for our own personal writing, for our profession, and for this writing community. I;m so happy you found your writing voice and shared today. It impacts us all!

  3. Congrats! You will find the words each day this month and what a great sense of relief it will be.

  4. I so agree. I have determined that I will slice every day - not matter how late. yesterday's tho was like pulling teeth!

  5. I'm feeling the exact same way tonight. I'm hoping the words will come....


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