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autism and compassion

My oldest daughter. This girl has taught me so much. Because of her unique circumstances and abilities, I've learned what it means to truly need others and to serve others.

No longer do I take for granted my ability to find a restroom or get a drink of water when I'm thirsty. Her struggles teach me to be grateful for the ability to care for myself. Without help, she wouldn't be able to survive even though she is technically (but not actually) a grown woman. I am grateful that I have the mental and physical capacities to help her.

How she helps me has been a beautiful surprise. She shows me in each day what compassion looks like—and it's not because I need to show it to her, but because she shows compassion to all those around her. I'm thankful for her ability to see someone who needs a pat on the back and give it. She reaches out to be a friend in ways she knows how even though many people don't invite her into their circle of friendship.

My heart is full of gratitude for having a child who teaches me how to be selfless and glad for the chance.

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