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Really nice pens are something to be thankful for. And I'm serious. Ever since the invention of the gel pen, writing has become all the more a pleasure.

Sometimes, I'll grab a sheet of paper and just start practicing my handwriting, trying out new ways of doing cursive. Actually, that's not really a new habit. It began in fifth grade when I saw how pretty Sonya Douglass could write. She simply passed her paper to me to pass to the next child along with mine as we turned in our work, but I'll never forget thinking that if she can write nicely, I can too. So that's when I began practicing writing—grabbing a pen (because I can't stand the scratching of pencils on paper) and a sheet or a stack of sheets of paper and writing and writing—usually just working on the alphabet or my name over and over, but it has always been an enjoyable and relaxing task since then. 

Writing is now my favorite thing to do, and a good pen makes it all the more a delight. 

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