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If I could choose one common yet wonderful thing for existence to make mention of this month, I'd pick soap. Soap gets us clean at the very least. And even still, there are beautiful soaps for decoration, ones that smell delightful and help us smell that way. There are soaps for hands, hair, bodies, laundry. One of my most favorite is bubble bath. There's something too perfect about a nice warm shower chased with a long bath filled with bubbles. It feels like pure luxury, and I cannot help but feel gratitude for having a home with a tub that affords me something so delightful and lovely. 


  1. I read this really interesting article about soap lately. I'm not sure if you're into this kind of thing but you reminded me of it: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/25/magazine/my-no-soap-no-shampoo-bacteria-rich-hygiene-experiment.html?_r=0

    Love your posts :) <3

  2. Soap and Paper Towels are my life!!


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