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"Is being grateful for being grateful a thing?" said my oldest son. I say it is. 

Not everyone can or will take time to see what is right in front of them making their life good. I'm grateful that I am able and want to take time to recognize the many things that give me something to look forward to every single day.

I am not saying it's always easy to see what I should have gratitude for. Some days, when the tide is high and I am drowning in tears, I would say I don't feel very grateful. I lose sight of the shore because it's buried with so many things that are in my face and won't/can't be settled. However, I do know that even on the worst of days, if I can figure out how to find one thing to be glad for, I end up seeing the brighter side instead of getting drowned in the undertow. 

Yes, I am grateful for being grateful. It has rescued me with the lifeboat of hope and faith on many occasions. 


  1. I'm grateful for being grateful, too!

    1. It's an interesting perspective, right? Thank you for reading and taking time to comment as well. It is always appreciated.


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