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Seeking to Become - August

photograph by C. N.
I got out of church and was pondering on what more I could do to increase my spirituality. My oldest son gave his first talk in front of the congregation and his preparation and the assistance he needed in order to do well took over a week and a lot of discipline and prayer and reading and discussing. It gave me cause to look at how prepared and practiced I am in gospel learning. I don't take enough time—on a daily basis—to ponder on the words of the Lord and actually implement them consciously into my life. If I want to be more like Christ, I should be seeking to become more like Him.

Therefore, I am going to take the opportunity to work on this and invite all of you to join in. I want to focus on a monthly scriptural passage, working to find ways to cultivate that message in my behaviors: thinking, talking, DOING. I invite you to comment, if you choose, and share any insights you may have on the scripture to help expound upon its meaning or practical application of the message.

I do not know where this will go or if anyone will want to participate, but I know it will strengthen me and through that strength I know I will have more to give in all areas of my life. 

Recently, I took a religion course studying the words of Isaiah and I did not do very well (long story), yet I did take from the experience a greater love for and understanding of this ancient prophet of God. With that said, I will begin this new adventure with a scripture from the book of Isaiah:
Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.  
Isaiah 12:2 (KJV)
Isaiah is an example to me as he directs us to look to Him from where happiness, true happiness, comes. The responsibility is mine to find happiness through my blessed Redeemer, learning to become more like Him, accepting his gift of salvation. The strength of the Lord shines in those who follow Him and happiness is the blessing we are given when we let that light shine in and through us.

I want His strength and His song to be mine and I do not believe either is of a sad or pitiful sort. The King of Kings rose triumphant and will come again with concourses of angels singing His praises.
I will strive to remember these things in my times of weakness and trial.

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