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Friendship Can Be Tricky

I was poking around on Facebook and ran into a little rant by my sweet niece. She was getting all upset and feeling stupid about putting herself out there--being an invested giver of friendship--and somehow was rejected. Oftentimes, I have found myself in that position though it has not happened to my face in quite some time. (This is something to be grateful for and don't you know, I know it!)

Making and keeping a good friend takes time, care, selflessness, mutual respect, and the ever-present solution to almost any major issue: communication. When friends begin to drift apart or not need one another so much, the communication factor (lack of communication) fuels these messed up stupid moments. If people would/could be able to just say, "we don't really see things eye to eye anymore" or "I have made a great new friend and would like to spend more time with them than with you" and other such comments without guile or getting our feelings hurt, I know the stupid moments would simply melt away almost altogether. But--until that day arrives when all are one in heart and mind, the advice I gave her applies:

Never feel stupid for being a real friend. When all is said and done, those who are non-genuine and ungrateful will be the ones who feel stupid.
Always be the best friend you would want to have. Try to communicate openly and honestly any problems, yet with sensitivity to the person. And like my dad always used to say:
Treat everyone like you want to be treated, but if they still won't treat you right then leave them the h*** alone

It isn't the sweetest way to put it, though it is very true. Not everyone wants to be everyone else's friend. Very few people have the capacity to love every type of personality. Thank goodness, God made so many unique types, so I could find at least a handful of people who can stand my crazy, purple-loving self!

and don't forget--Everything will work out in the end.  It always has and always will.


  1. I love the way you put your thoughts out there...I absolutely agree with your sentiments!

  2. Brenda: thank you! My hope is that my lack of fear in sharing my philosophies and views might help someone to feel at ease or even comforted when life gets tricky.


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