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Simple Yet Very True Advice

As a parent of a disabled child, I identify with much of the advice included in the link below and feel like it is worthy of sharing with all of you. I know not everyone fits the description, but I would bet you probably know someone who does and this could help them. So if it doesn't apply to you, pass it along. You might save a friend/family member's sanity.

When the hard times come for me, I KNOW that these tips do help you survive because I have either done them and felt the benefits or suffered needlessly (obviously recognized in hindsight) because I did not do them.

7 Survival Tips for Parents of a Seriously Ill, Disabled or Injured Child

I include a label for ADHD because these tips fit the bill for dealing with the bad days (weeks, months, etc.) for that too. I know from personal parenting experience.

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