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Happy to Put It Down

Not to get on some rampage over women's issues and stuff, but dude! Why are supposed women's magazines over the top sexualizing women? To answer my own question--men and sell out women probably run the joint.

I was at the pediatrician's office the other day and picked up some random magazine (I forgot to bring my textbook I should be reading), I think it was In Style, and holy cow! I would have thought it was directed at a male audience. Roughly 75% of the ads and articles displayed or explained how to be the epitome of sensuality. From my days as an avid pop culture mag reader, I could have swore Cosmo was set aside for that job.

Do not get me wrong. I like to look good (even attractive), but is it really necessary to train up every reader of some random magazine in how to be a sex object? Most models were half or less dressed and posed in highly provocative poses.  I really wanted to see more of the newest trends in fashion and makeup. If most subscribers get the magazine for the same reason as I picked it up, they are not getting much bang for their buck with all the lack of clothes on each page.

Also, it was quite demoralizing to see that much of the models' bareness. I have been trying to keep a positive body image though I most definitely have some fluff to me and I ended up feeling fat, obese, gross, and just uncomfortable with myself. and am writing this to attempt a purge of the negativity.

If we never had the privilege of seeing other people's stuff (not on billboards, ads in magazines, ginormous posters at stores, and such), I think body image issues would not be so prevalent in our society.

I offer a challenge to my readers:
Put down the magazines, don't go to stores that blatantly exploit women's sexuality, and find ways to be beautiful for YOU. Whatever your style. And share this challenge with friends.

For example, I love fishnet stockings as much as the next girl, but I also don't wear them to catch any fish in the sea. I wear them because I like how they look and it is fun to put together an outfit that works with those babies in the mix. 

Beauty comes from within. Let's not be fooled into believing otherwise any longer.

Male Audience: encourage the women in your life to do this by being supportive in the above mentioned ways as well as others.

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