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Little Things Make Me Happy

If you haven't noticed, I figured out how to add a Stumble Upon badge to my posts!  I know this sounds ridiculous to many of you tech savvy individuals, but you do not even know how long it took for me to comprehend the short paragraph of directions--clicking back and forth back and forth--between the html editing page and the SU directions. It is not exactly how I would like it because I wanted to do the permalink thing, but I just could NOT understand what in the world to do with that stuff!

And then-- when I was almost done with my adventure in editing the template html (feeling pretty smart and cool), I saw the prompt to back up your template before editing in case something goes wrong. I wanted to hyperventilate.  and possibly vomit. I know it's not that big of a deal, but I really, really do not want to have some messed up mess for my site developer (aka my sweet friend Jules who makes cute banners and buttons and fixes my mistakes) to clean up because she is NOT available to help this weekend. And not even for awhile. Therefore, the freak out. But everything appears to be intact and the badge is installed. Happiness!

So onto the whole issue of: Why did the Purple Lady add a Stumble Upon badge?

Stumble Upon is this ultra fabulous search site that aids the searcher in finding the best stuff according to their individual interests at an as-fast-as-you-can-view-and-click through pace.

And if I am going to get discovered as a legitimate writer (who gets paid for her work), I need your help. Whenever you read an article or post that you really like, please click on the SU badge. And if you are a seriously purplicious patron, it would be great if you would go back to your favorite posts and click on those ones too...it might be fun. possibly.

I am grateful to have such a loyal and supportive reader base. Your willingness to share my work with others and the fabulous comments are part of my vision for this blog: engaging, interesting, supportive discussions and a safe place to voice my views and opinion.
You are the best!
and don't forget to stumble!

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  1. As a non-tch-savvy girl, I am always abundantly excited whenever I figure something out on my own! Way to go - I love that feeling!


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