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Blossoming Friendship

Over the past couple of weeks I have been coordinating a guest appearance on a friend's blog. The super part about this sentence is that this friend is someone I have never met in person. The wonderful world of the internet makes this more and more common place, but I hope I do not ever get over the tiny miracle that it is to make friendships that cover such vast distances.

As a relatively new blogger (just under 5 months at this thing), I can honestly say I had NO idea what I was actually getting into when I started. I was told that it would help me get a book published and I want to accomplish that goal, so I got to work. What I did not anticipate is all the technical issues, the pressure to conform, the simple ignorance I feel quite keenly when attempting to figure out what to do to get and maintain a captivated (not captive) audience, and getting to know and appreciate such a wide variety of people. I am unaware if it is typical to call these new acquaintances friends, but with all that I know about their thoughts/feelings and what they read about the inner workings of my heart and mind-- acquaintance does not seem to be good enough. Blog buddies sounds trite, yet it is kind of fun. I am going to use it from now on...I think.

I believe I am beginning to make some blog buddies that have real potential to be true friends. I feel blessed. The support for my writing, for my heart, for me keeps pouring in as the weeks go by and we keep getting to know each other better. Well, and to be honest, as we even cross paths. I keep finding and getting found by others on a near daily basis!

Mind you, there are psychos out there. So you have to be careful about blog buddies turning out to be messed up weirdos, but I have been amazed at how many fabulously normal women and men are out there sharing their creativity and ingenuity with the world-- and me.

Friendship is one of the gifts we are given from God and my cup runneth over. Thank you to all my friends, blog buddies, and loyal readers. It is a privilege to get to know you better and share what I have to give with you.


  1. I love this post, yes I think friend is right but I like blog buddies to. :D

  2. This is a great post, and I definitely think of you as my blog buddy:) Now if only I had more time, hahaha. You'll do great, don't fret!

  3. I am proud to be a Blog Buddy, and a friend.


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