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Suzanne, Jewelry, and The Cure

I have this great friend Suzanne that designs custom jewelry and she is making a piece for All Things Purple and I just could not wait to talk about it any longer!  It is going to be fabulous! Hopefully, there will be pics soon and I will feature her blog and etsy shop and you will fall in love with her stuff too.

So anyways, I was thinking about her and the fun thing she is designing and it reminded me of The Cure. She invited me to a pool party in 8th or 9th grade and while we were waiting for the party to start (for the boys to show up) we hung out in her room. She had this huge poster of this guy wearing LIPSTICK on her wall and she turned on Friday I'm In Love. From that point on, I was converted to the idea of a guy wearing lipstick -- so long as they can sing really well.

For your Whimsical Wednesday enjoyment, I invite you to click the link below and have a listen:

Friday I'm In Love


  1. Oh my gosh Laura, you remember the poster of Robert Smith!? You are so adorably cute! You know, that poster was controversial in my child hood home. Dad was never really fond of all the pictures of the "Boy with make up on" ! Ahh, good memories, sweetie!

  2. I have very few vivid memories of anything from my childhood and teen years, so when I do remember something it is pretty unique! Boys, lipstick on a boy, hanging with one of the most gorgeous girls around, and hearing (for the first time) the newest coolest sound in music -- definitely made a lasting impression.


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