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Save Cassette Tapes!

this must be friends and friday week or something...
I have an old friend from high school who has a recording studio in Hawaii and he did a project for me that I thought would be near impossible to do and have it turn out right. 

Awhile back, one of my cousins gave me a cassette tape recording of an old family concert and I just about wore that thing out before I thought to try and get it preserved. So anyway, I was chatting with Pete about random stuff and his studio came up and I asked him if he could fix up a crazy old tape for me and he said of course. My expectations were not very high since the tape had a lot of static and background noise, but wow. just wow.

When I got the digital recordings from him, I was more than pleased. It sounds so much better than the original recording and it is now in digital format! Totally awesome! He was very professional about the whole thing despite the friendship factor which was super nice and I have been quite impressed by the quality of his work. A sampling of all that he does can be found on his website: Maui Wave Studio

If any of you have a cherished tape recording that you want preserved for future generations, it would be well worth it to send it over to my friend, Pete. It is hard to find quality establishments and this is definitely one of them.

Friend or no friend, the project speaks for itself...now I just need to figure out how to put an mp3 onto my blog posts and you can hear some of the finished product. I so way {do not} heart figuring out technology

Thanks again, Mr. Peter Lago, for being the friend that you are and for the fantastic work you did!

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  1. Wow. Good for you! The way to go now is digitalizing your old media data, such as cassette and VHS tapes. However, I personally feel that keeping them inside media vaults for posterity’s sake and for that nostalgic feel while listening to them is still the best. 

    Ruby Badcoe


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