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Monkey Bars Take Two

Tomorrow starts yet another semester and I am disheartened by all that transpired over the Spring/Summer terms. The thought of beginning yet another set of failure-for-me courses makes me want to cry. I would never consider quitting it all, but a semester off would be so nice-- I will NOT forget this and WILL take Summer term off this school year. (if you get any posts to the contrary in about 8 months from now, remind me to read this post)

The old anxieties of not knowing if I will make any good acquaintances or friends (and of being deemed strange and unacceptable) also has come alive. Being the non-traditional student and pretty much the only one with any children able to talk or even at all makes friend-making and keeping quite interesting. I should focus on the fact that it is not about making new friends, but I honestly believe that I go to school now and meet the people I do for a reason. I really need to remember this when I get all worried I will be rejected by my sort-of-peers.

The end is near though and I want to find joy in this part of my journey before it comes to an end.  I am going to look forward with faith and hope because I want to and need to in order to find the strength to carry on. And carry on I must.

Wish me luck tomorrow and that I will find the monkey bars to keep me going...

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