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First Day of Kindergarten - PTGS 7

it's a purple classroom!
the baby monkey started kindergarten today. he was so happy and excited 
that tears could not come for me. i choose to find joy in his gladness today. 

for the record, i totally did NOT make special arrangements 
or pay anyone off
for that awesome purpleness in his classroom
*the stars just happened to align* 

if you don't know what PTGS means and would like to know, go to:


  1. That is great that he is so excited to start school, and wonderful that the classroom has purple in it ;)

  2. it has been an amazing day. i did not anticipate feeling so joyful over it all. his peace and the purpleness made for a pleasant surprise.

  3. Love it! and Coldplay! Hope your baby has a great day in kindergarten. Mine started this year too and I was happy...no tears. It's something she desperately wanted to do!

  4. I love the purple classroom! I need to teach in one of those. :) Hope he had a wonderful first day!


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