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pitiful news

I finally got a grade for my blessed online Isaiah course and I received a D. I have never done so poorly in formal education since high school, nearly 20 years ago and let's say it -- another lifetime ago. I never thought I could ever sink so far beneath my potential. I am bright. I do NOT say that to brag, but what I mean is that learning is enjoyable to me because it isn't some hugeamongous challenge and hard things for many people are not so much that for me.
If you haven't been able to tell by now, I have been under serious emotional strain and just haven't quite figured out how to balance life through all of it. I feel like a serious jerk. I have the opportunity to attend school because of scholarships I receive and this will mar my chances for next school year quite significantly. I wish I could say I deserved a better grade, but I can't. I truly feel blessed I did not FAIL the course actually. I think there would have to be a moment (possibly a week) of silence for me to mourn the situation if that would have occurred. seriously.
sorry to be such a bore and rag and throw my pity party out there for you to suffer through, but I figure it is better to suffer with friends than all alone.

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