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a letter of encouragement

Someone asked me how can we get past feelings of anger, defeat, and weariness with the world we must face, and I want to give them an undivided attention sort of reply--

Dear Friend,

I am no expert on making it through difficulties beautifully, but I do attest to the fact that I have made it through many sore trials, unexpected challenges, and a great deal of unfortunate circumstances. I get negative at times, yes, but somehow I am able to keep smiling either during or at least after all is said and done.

One coping mechanism is laughter. When I can, I remember to laugh at myself. We can take ourselves so seriously that it is to our own detriment. (At least, I do.) Most especially though, I remember to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. I have found that even really messed up stuff usually has a small element of the ridiculous. Maybe what you can pick out is far-fetched, but laugh at it nonetheless, and you will feel a change in your perspective come about. Anger and hopelessness cannot fester if you've been able to find something to laugh about. It won't change the hard parts, but it creates a piece of much needed positivity amidst sometimes unbearable negativity.

Reading good books is a great way to take a vacation from things. Sometimes all we need is a moment to ourselves and it can get us through the rest of a challenging day. If you would like some recommendations, I have a pretty decent list on Goodreads or you can ask me for some titles through Twitter or Facebook.

Another tool in my shed of positivity is reaching out to friends. I seem to attract a great deal of friends, which means I usually have someone I can shovel the stuff with when I feel overloaded. However, you only need one really. One person who will listen and even commiserate--and laugh at what you can--with you will prove invaluable. If you do not have that sort of person in your life, I offer myself to be that friend. I love making friends. I love helping them even more. It truly brings me joy. So the invitation to direct message (DM) me on twitter whenever you need someone to unload on is there for the taking.

Something that might seem silly-ish but works to calm and push away the weariness is singing aloud. I enjoy hymns and spiritual music most for singing out loud, but so long as they are happy songs with no tinge of negativity in them--go for it. If you don't normally sing much (or at all), do the singing in the shower thing or while alone and driving in the car. Sometimes I can even get to the first step of laughing at myself during this positivity activity. It's highly effective. Trust me. Singing and positive music in general invite rejuvenation and light into the darkest of places.

And while it might not be very politically correct to bring spirituality into things, it is very personally correct for me to do so. In my life, the most vital element of pushing out anger, rising above defeat, and retaining hope when weary has been my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I strive to learn more about his life through scripture study and apply those things that I learn. I am not perfect at it, but I believe that making an honest effort is what makes all the difference. Prayer is another imperative aspect of living a faith-based life. I recommend trying it if you don't do so already. I testify to you that prayer changes night into day, shedding light upon some situations you never could have navigated without it.

Lastly, I write. I am sure you couldn't tell or anything, so it seems redundant to even state such a blatant fact, but there it is. I write here and write letters to people (the old-fashioned snail mail sort), and I write in a journal. I used to have one that I filled with everything under the sun, but now I focus on only writing about the blessings and happy things that go on daily. It is encouraging to read through it on those hard days.

My hope is that what I have shared with you will bring you to a knowledge that you can and will make it through, and you can even make it through with more hope, happiness, and energy for life.

Most sincerely,

me ♥

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  1. I LOVE this! As I was reading it, I had to smile, because I find myself doing pretty much ALL of these things myself. I even utilize the "singing hymns" thing when I wake up from a bad dream and can't get back to sleep. There is just something about singing uplifting music that changes your attitude, your thoughts, and pretty much your over-all attitude.

    I am so grateful to have you in my life, Laura. You are such a positive influence (and at a time in your life when I know sometimes it is difficult to be positive). You are a great friend to others, and I know that Heavenly Father is so proud of you for your desire to remain positive and righteous despite the challenges you face. :)


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