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Tomorrow Is Coming Soon

I don't know about you, but this week has sneaked up on me like nobody's business. It wouldn't be such a big deal except for the fact that tomorrow is the beginning of my blog's 2nd annual Half-Birthday Bash. Why do a half-birthday celebration, you ask? Well, my mom raised me right in the tradition of celebrating of anything and she added in half-birthdays every once in awhile. This every once in awhile really made an impact on me. The biggest half-birthday came when I was 15 and a 1/2.

It was a school day, yet that did not matter. My mom set my driver's permit appointment for very first thing and we headed out with her driving me to the beginning of my world as an independent transporter of my person. I took the test. Passed. Got my photo taken. Then, we walked out to the car and when I went to get into the normally right side of the car, my mom told me I was driving. I was scared! I could not believe she'd just throw me into the deep end like that!! So like any teenager who knows it all, I got into the driver's seat and proceeded to grind the gears and press the brake and gas pedals too hard all the way to school. She was so patient. I will never forget how patient she was teaching me how to drive, diving in head first, on the way to school on my half-birthday.

I obviously did not kill us. I made it to school, entering my biology class like a rockstar with my permit all shiny and new--already used. I felt cool and I owed it all to my mom, once again.

So half-birthdays are pretty important to me.

Even though I don't feel ready and posts might be lumpy and sporadic (like my life right now), I hope you will join me for this still a baby of a blog's 2nd half-birthday. To celebrate, a few friends and businesses have contributed some fun gifts to give away. We have a book, fry sauce, downloadable scrapbooky stuff, a photography session, and essential oils. I know it's pretty random--just like me--and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Over the next week, I look forward to celebrating the existence of this purple niche with all of you.


  1. Now it's half-way through Day 3 already? You're not kidding about the days sneaking up! It seems like the whole year has been sneaking past quickly... and September seems to be following the trend.

    1. It is astonishing to the mind how quickly time goes by...


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