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a desert beauty

Las Vegas, desert, beauty, slice of life, motorcycles, flash fiction, photography
photograph by O. Sida

The unrelenting sun beats down, but the softness of the breeze cools once it soars across the desert floor. Feeling the heat rising beneath her feet as they fly along the black top, exhilaration sets in. Holding on out of necessity and choice, the thrill of adventure courses through her welcoming veins. Red swirls of desert beauty distract and attract her gaze. Sharp-edged peaks infinitely layered in the distance create an unforgettable landscape already heavy laden with perfect memories, ready to add one more. And then he spoke. Rounded curves faster than fast. Lovely and alluring. Audacious and daring. Thoughts streaking red and black as we pass others on their way. The scent of heightened emotion reaches into the past bringing with it renewed bravery of fortuities yet put onto the future's path.

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  1. I love the adventure of this ride, and the distraction and attraction of desert beauty. The words of this prose are so poetic--each word having it's place and each word profound and images abound. Thanks for sharing.


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