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Fabulous: Essential Oils

I did an experiment this summer. A friend gave me a starter-pack of doTERRA essential oils. I promised an honest review. Since I am a lover of tried and true medications and a skeptic of natural stuff (don't ask me why), she really took a leap of faith asking for this review. I do admit that I was intrigued by the experiment, and so I was more than happy for the opportunity.

I used lavender, lemon, and peppermint and here are the results:

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Lavender: I used this one the very most (Need you ask why?). I applied it to the bottoms of my children's feet at bedtime and across the back of my neck when feeling stressed. The children usually have a long wind down period, but after some time of using lavender essential oil consistently, they seemed to be able to get to sleep better. They got to liking it so much that they would ask me for it.

I have stress issues. All you have to do is read every other post on here and you'll figure that one out, which means I used the lavender on the back of my neck pretty much daily if not more often. I don't care for the pungent aroma of lavender oil, but it made a difference for me. Who knows if it was just because I knew I was doing something about my stress even when there seemed to be nothing to be done, but it did help calm my nerves. That's all that matters in my book.

Lemon: A few drops of digestible grade doTERRA lemon oil in a glass of water, drinking several glasses a day, takes away swelling. I didn't read this in a book-- a sister-in-law told me and I tried it and it worked.

I had been driving in a car for way too long, staying up way too late, and getting way too little sleep and so my legs and feet suffered with discomfort due to swelling and tension. In my divalicious way, I complained to my sister-in-law. And in her patient-licious way, she reminded me about the lemon essential oil I was supposed to be to trying out and told me about the anti-swelling properties of it. I tried it for a couple of days, reaped the rewards noticeably, then proceeded to forget to continue. At the end of that day, I complained again; she reminded me again; I repented and dutifully used lemon essential oil in my drinking water the rest of the time. It really worked!

Peppermint: I've been told that peppermint essential oil helps to enliven you when sleepy and aids in concentration when studying and such. I tried it and I cannot say for certain if using it directly affected my success, but I know it didn't hurt. The tingling sensation is stimulating, and the scent itself is invigorating.

My peppermint doTERRA essential oil success story comes from when another friend of mine and I were feeling sleepy-ish at church. She had shared peppermint essential oil droplet capsules with me in the past, but this time was different. She told me to put one drop on the back of my hand and lick it with the back end of my tongue, then breathe in deeply. Wow! Talk about cleared sinuses and an awake and alert mind! My nose had been stuffy for quite some time since I have allergies, but not in that moment nor for about 24 more hours afterward. I was astonished by its immediate effectiveness--way better than popping a Sudafed pill that takes twenty minutes to work and causes me to crash and burn after the hype it causes wears off.

Because my experiment had such positive results, I am even more interested in the other benefits of using essential oils and I recommend giving doTERRA essential oils a try.

You can learn more on Facebook here: doTERRA and the direct website here: www.mydoterra.com/oil

To sweeten the end of my experiment, doTERRA essential oils will be part of
The Second Annual All Things Purple Half-Birthday Bash with a giveaway! 
So be sure to come back the week of September 17-21 to join in the celebration.

I was given one (1) three-oil trio pack in exchange for this review.


  1. Wow, how cool! I am a total believer in the 'power'- which is a little odd, since I've never used them. lol

    DH could definitely use the lemon oil and lavendar oil. His inflammation is awful, from the diabetes and bad kidneys. And anything that will help him sleep is great, in my book.

    1. Oops - the 'power' of essential oils. (Must be past my bedtime.)

    2. Be sure to head on over here for the Half-Birthday Bash and maybe you can give them a try for free! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I am telling you - essential oils (along with other natural remedies that I've told you about) work! And quite often, BETTER than the so-called "tried and tested" medications out there - especially since a lot of medications have yucky side effects that the medical industry sometimes doesn't discover until years later when millions of people have been negatively affected. Oh yeah...by the way, that medication we told you was safe 20 years ago? Yeah, we just discovered that IT CAUSES CANCER...Oops!

    But can I just say that your review of the lemon essential oil absolutely had me cracking up! Love it. Let me just say, too, that lemon essential oil helps with pregnancy-related swelling as well. I drank it in my water daily and never had any swelling with this last pregnancy. It is some seriously amazing stuff. :)

    I could go on forever though about the benefits of essential oils. ;)

  3. And for the record - I LOVE the smell of Lavender. I love it's calming abilities too. I also use it on my kids to relax them at night, and I put some on the bottoms of Bailey's feet, on the back of her neck and down her spine before she got shots the other day (along with rubbing the hand (with the remnants of the oil) on the injection sight. She was so mellow during and after her shots. That is some seriously amazing stuff!


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