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The Purple Lexicon

This work of language awesomeness is a work in progress. I apologize in advance for it being so heavily influenced by Twitter, but then again, I don't because Twitter has inspired many, if not all, of the entries. It shall be added upon from time to time, so feel free to use it as a reference guide often. Also, if you would like to add some terms yourself, please leave a comment along with how you'd like to receive credit for your contribution and I will formally edit the lexicon with your entry(s).

huggy or kissy: adj. the opposite of stabby. when people give love that looks like something from out of the movies. syn. NCMO

best friend
: n. a term applied to one who has shown great patience to another over a very long period of time and it has been reciprocated; a pure angel of mercy on the earth syn. BFF, Bestie ...

bestie: n. a slang term used in place of best friend that I use only when trying to be funny

stationery addict: n. someone who adores fabulous papers and notecards in order to write love letters and thank you notes; me.

trolling: n. stupidity that only makes twitter a bore; v. an act of pure immaturity; and therefore, a bore.

tweeps: n. a terribly ugly blended word attempting to describe people you interact with regularly on twitter.

tweetochism: n. when you hate a tweet you're about to tweet, but tweet it anyway.
twistie: n. patient, dear friends on Twitter

twit:  n. descriptive label for when you've irritated someone (me); typically not a good thing

twitt:  n. term of endearment for my twitter peeps; opposite of twit; a replacement term for tweeps

twitter: n. creativity at breakneck speed; worldwide penpal service on steroids

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