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Half-Birthday Bash: Take Two - The End

I'd like to give a ginormous purple THANK YOU to all the contributors of this year's half-birthday fun:

Underground Photography 
Simply You Simply Me 
My Artistic Ventures 
Deseret Book 
doTERRA Essential Oils 
Indulgent Foods
The Luckiest 
Without them, you would have had to put up with corny half-birthday poems about how much I love, adore, and am obsessed with purple every day for a week. Be grateful. Be very, very grateful.

All kidding aside, I have had a fabulous time and I hope you have, too. I very much look forward to the upcoming year's worth of interactions, growth, and bonding. I couldn't ask for a more encouraging readership. So in order to provide one last gift (a bit more time to get those entries in), I extended the deadline to this evening. Enter more giveaways, share the links, and enjoy the read.

DAY ONE: photography session - Las Vegas area ONLY

DAY TWO: tag templates (downloads)

DAY THREE: book (US residents) AND/OR gourmet cupcakes (Salt Lake/Utah Counties ONLY)

DAY FOUR: essential oils (will ship most places - worldwide)

DAY FIVE: fry sauce (US residents) AND/OR OffTheHook cookies (Las Vegas residents ONLY)

Winners will be notified by the end of next week, if not sooner, but you may check the Rafflecopter announcement at the top of each raffle's widget by the end of this weekend to rule yourself in or out at a glance.

It's been fun, peeps. Don't be a stranger. oxo

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