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Half-Birthday Bash: Take Two - Day 5


To wrap up the week of gifts and fun, I wanted to try something a tad different (I know, I know. I'm way different already, but still.), so I held a taste-testing party. The people at Indulgent Foods aka the makers of Stephen's Hot Cocoa and Stephen's Gourmet Fry Sauce liked the idea and sponsored the event in trade for an honest review, taste-testing by several people, and a twitter party (hashtag is #friesclub in case you want to check out that bit of shenanigans and join the party) all surrounding the fry sauce they offer.

The #FriesClub IRL Party

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the homemade fries got devoured
It was a blast! Everybody, except for one person, very much enjoyed Stephen's Gourmet Fry Sauce, and most everyone said they would definitely be buying some. The opportunity to share a product in a casual party atmosphere was a new thing for me and everyone who attended. It made it easy to conversate about likes and dislikes with no pressure to purchase in the moment. One person said it was too ketchup-y. Another said it had amazing flavor but they wished it was thicker. Pretty much every other taste-tester couldn't get enough of the stuff. The fry sauce was a hit.

My opinion of the fry sauce:

I am not big on dipping stuff in anything except for ranch, but I wanted to give this particular brand a try since I enjoy their hot cocoa so much. So anyways, I found myself not being able to get enough of the sauce just like everyone else. It was tasty. The flavor has just enough savor to add to what you're eating without completely covering it up. Also, the consistency is perfect for getting a nice layer on your fry or hot wing without any sloppy globs. In other words--Stephen's Gourmet Fry Sauce is mouth-watering deliciousness and I definitely recommend it.

To top it all off, we had a raffle for two bottles of the stuff. Congratulations to the winners, Sarah S. and Elise B.! 

Since it was impossible for all of this lovely purple community to come taste test the fry sauce in person, today's gift will be a giveaway for a bottle of the fry sauce.

Many thanks to Indulgent Foods for making the #FriesClub IRL Party possible. 

In addition to the lovely fry sauce giveaway, I have a treat in store for you--literally. Shannon, writer of the fresh, new blog The Luckiest has decided to get on the purple half-birthday bash bandwagon and give all y'all a chance to win some of her delectable homemade chocolate chip cookies.  If you live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, this giveaway is for you!

* Fry Sauce Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents ONLY *

*(1) dozen Offthehook Chocolate Chip cookies Giveaway is open to Las Vegas residents ONLY*


  1. I totally spaced the party, I'm so sorry! Major mom brain these days! :(

  2. Man: "Did it hurt?"
    Woman: "What?"
    "When you fell from heaven."


  3. I don't know any stinkin' pickup lines! Sheesh! And I love every one of your posts! Just give me some dang cookies. GOSH! ;)


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