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I could let myself love you
again, though I do not dare
it. I could let you in like
I have before, though it would
be madness. I could let go
of all the memories--good
and bad; though somehow it would
hurt more than remembering
already does with splintered
smiles and laughter to remind
me of why I ever loved
you, why you ever loved me,
why we won't work together
because we love too hard when
we love, and we hate too much
when we forget who we are.
I could miss you this moment,
but I can't because the man
I could love forever went


  1. Not to disrespect your beautiful poem, but I would like to remove the last word and replace it with "to Dastard-town" for my own pleasure. It breaks my heart so much, I need the comic relief.

    1. I allowed myself a moment to feel the tragedy. I guess I was able to capture it... I do appreciate the comic relief though. I literally laughed out loud as I read your comment. Thank you.


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