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Upon The Day Twins Were Separated

I ask for silence for one brief moment
Whilst I draw you into a convergence.

A life-altering act occurred today
So paramount it stole my breath away.
Although its end was not pointed at me,
The injury's breadth and depth art hard felt
Even still, the lump within my throat chokes
Tears well up into blinding pools that soak
All of my thoughts brought into one to melt
The air I breathe is thinner as I see
Into the bright-eyed future, holding on
With every memory they ever shared
Imagination breaks as the day dawns
A set of twins who were forever paired
Forging on in their severed directions.
The day that never would come has arrived.

With tenderness and fullest affection,
I pray their hearts shall quickly be revived.

Dedicated to The Twins:
copycats extraordinaire ~ my defenders to the near death ~
musicians in their dreams and reality ~ beloved brothers o' mine


  1. Eh? You talking about David going to boot camp?

    1. I'm talking about moving away, which begins with boot camp.

  2. Not just boot camp, Josh. He will be going to Texas directly after that. He isn't even coming back to get his stuff. He is having Zach ship him some boxes and (I believe) a moving truck is coming for the rest?

    And Laura, this poem is so beautiful. You truly have a gift with words. And yes...it is going to be so weird to think of the twins being separated. They've always been referred to as one unit - "the twins." They'll be on two completely different paths from here on out. I know this change is so good for David, though. I mean, it's the Army band - a true accomplishment. He has an exciting road ahead of him. ;)


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