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Half-Birthday Bash: Take Two - Day 2

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Today is so many many things. It's Tuesday, Slice of Life Tuesday, and it's Give Another Fabulous Gift Day!

I'm ecstatic to have all my new slicer pals invited to the party this year. I have been enriched as a writer, woman, and future educator from my experience in the Slice of Life community. Thank you.

When my friend Dawn of Simply You Simply Me offered to join the party again I thought to myself Wow, I feel loved and my next thought was I bet my writerly teacherly readership will ADORE what she's gifting. (See last year's blog Mascara Mini-Memoir to learn more about how I know and love Dawn.)

So to get to onto the gift details-- The giveaway is for lovely downloadable tag templates!  Create your own luggage tags for on backpacks, lunch boxes, purses, camera bags, diaper bags, etc. Use them in the classroom for mini-awards, labels for drawers, or anything you can come up with, really.

Dawn printed hers out on photo paper, then used self laminating paper to laminate them, punched a hole and from there you can use twine, ribbon, leather strap, really anything to create the look you like.

The files come in .psd, .tiff, and .png.

Since this gift is a download, the giveaway is open to anyone where it is legal to participate in giveaways! Isn't that fabulous? If you like, check out Simply You Simply Me as a way of saying thanks for offering something so receivable. You might simply fall in love with her site.

Samples of what you can do! by www.simplyyousimplyme.com

In order to enter to win, I'm asking that you write a Six-Word Memoir as a mini slice of life, and then be sure to go to the Rafflecopter widget in order to get your entry(s) in officially.
I offer you my mini-slice as an example: 

Today, I write with positive zeal.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To view the previous day's giveaway, go to: DAY ONE


  1. Inspired to reflect through sharing weekly.

    I must admit I had already been thinking along these lines as I counted the weeks I had been participating and how I NOW look forward to reflecting and writing on Tuesday!
    Congrats on the "blogospherebday"!

  2. Striving to raise children in righteousness. :)

  3. Taking a minute to enjoy the peacefulness.

  4. Pausing to appreciate this gifted day.

  5. Writing regularly rightly celebrates the rare.


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