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Seeking to Become - September 2012

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As I begin another year of Seeking to Become segments, I am reflective and full of wonder for how this next year will look, how much I will change. Time and experiences would mould us into what we will be but I ponder on what God would have me be and desire my will to become closer in resemblance to His.

In 2 Chronicles Chapter 33 in the Old Testament, Manasseh has become full of idolatry and has led his kingdom into error until he is bound and taken captive into Babylon by the Assyrian king's men. The scriptures then state:

And when he was in affliction, he besought the Lord his God, and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers
2 Chronicles 33:12

God hears his supplication and Manasseh is then restored to his kingdom. He cleanses it of the idols, repairs the holy altar of God, and offers up peace and thanks offerings.

While I am not a king leading my people to condemnation, I am a mother, friend, sister, daughter, and individual with faults need of strengthening. I seek restoration and repair, and in order to achieve them, I know I must seek God, humbling myself before Him. How much do I have to learn before I can overcome my afflictions? A great many things, I'm afraid. However, the humbling learning aids the growth of my understanding and I will be better prepared to face the other challenges of life as they come.

This month's challenge is to do self-introspection to see where we need to improve and seek to humble ourselves before God in whatever areas necessary that we may restore and repair where necessary in order to receive Him into our lives more fully.

I hope you will join me. Your comments are very welcomed, so please feel free to do so if impressed upon to share your thoughts or experiences throughout this month.

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