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adventures with anaphylaxis

You'd think I would learn. After going through the hives and swelling of my face, tongue, and throat as many times as I have, you'd think I would be a little more paranoid about my food allergies. But noooo. I have to live on the wild side. I have to forget how chili has tomatoes in it--even if they are pureed into sauce. And I have to forget that if I am to enjoy any tomato sauce whatsoever, it must be in a very limited amount. And most certainly, I must forget that food allergies are not to be messed with. Because it's so amazingly fun to feel like someone is stabbing my left eye out (yes, that sensation is one of my tip offs), have my nose, throat, and tongue decide to close off (only partially--thank Heaven), and worry about whether or not I'm going to be forced to stab that epi-pen into my leg (needles make my palms sweat and my blood pressure rise).

Can you feel the fun yet? I mean, it's just so great to think about whether or not your throat will close off completely which equals that you SUFFOCATE to DEATH. Anaphylactic shock is something I would have to pick up since it is so dramatic. It's like I was born to experience it on a regular basis. Keeps things real.

I can't believe I did that. On top of all the stupid stuff going on in my life right now, I had to eat freakin chili. It's not like I was eating some fabulous Italian food or something like that. Nope, just the Plain Jane out of the can with beans variety chili.

I am irritated with myself.

There is good news though. I didn't die. And I didn't have to shoot my leg up with epinephrine. I feel truly blessed for these two things, all sarcasm aside.


  1. YIKES...some of us need to be hit over the proverbial head in order to "get it"...and others need to spend a few moments without oxygen! I am glad you are OK - but PLEASE be careful!

  2. Somebody introduce this chica to chocolate...

  3. That sounds frightening. Do be careful. I had a similar reaction to some over the counter cold medicine last month. My lips looked like the fake paraffin ones we used to wear at Halloween and the hives were terrible...oh and my eyes were just slits. But my throat did not feel like it was going to close and so I took some Benadryl and slowly the swelling went down. I hope you can find some foods to use to substitute for the tomato.


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