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It can be nice to enjoy some quiet. But, for some reason, this sort of quiet doesn't feel right to me. Maybe I'm uncomfortable with it because I'm used to having so much more whirring about and wanting to get out. Really, I usually have so much I want to say all the time that I could go on forever once the cap gets taken off by an innocent bystander asking how my day is going.

But lately. Lately has been different. I can sit pondering, and next thing I know I am run out of time and haven't shared not even one of my thoughts or done anything with any of it. Writing ideas and plans down would be really nice if I could get back into the habit of it all.

As I write now, I think about all the moments I wanted to write about yet didn't because I let the idea slip through my quiet fingers...


  1. But perhaps you needed to let those thoughts slip by, like Sandburg's little cat feet? No recriminations. No regrets. Sometimes that's best.


  2. "But lately. Lately has been different." I love the way these two phrases sit side-by-side.

  3. I appreciate quiet now more than I ever did!


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