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Dancesport: a spectator sport supreme

Without a doubt, I love dance. There have been a few experiences over the past several months that have shown me just how much. When I walked into the Dancesport arena the other night was another one of them. 

I wanted to compete like I did last semester, but with no partner it is impossible. The sheer disappointment that ran through me as I sat down as mere spectator proved it was more of a big deal than I had let myself feel. It was torture to not be able to be part of the scene. However, the glitter and glow that I remember from my first experience began to soften the blow, and I soon found myself just glad to be there and thinking how if I had never taken that first class, I’d have never heard of Dancesport. Inspiration is a beautiful thing.

So back to this particular night. 

The Under 21 crowd was amazing. Couples from sea to shining sea made sure their presence was felt by the crowd. There was a dancer from New York or New Jersey, I think, who had these feathers and bead work on the backside of her dress that made her seem all the more like a prancing peacock than anyone else in the room—and she could dance. (I think the purplish hue of the dress might have played a part in creating some bias, but whatever. It was gorgeous.) To the untrained eye, they can all dance immaculately though. They all danced better than I ever will. That's a fact.

Surprisingly, I gave my allegiance to a few couples even though I did not know them. I wanted them to win. I think that’s part of dance’s magic. You get entranced by the shine and flair until you love the dancers and want them to win, and it all happens within an evening. Just like magic.

Disappointing as it was to not be in the show, I still felt part of it as the room needed me to add to its energy. I won’t ever forget how it felt to get pulled in, alone yet not alone, to cheer for perfect strangers—and love it!


  1. How nice that you were drawn into the energy of the competition...and began to root for some, even if you did not know them. The tug of wanting to participate may never leave you...but you did not allow that to stop you from enjoying the competition. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening.

    I've always loved to dance. It's just too bad I'm so ... not good at it. Keep threatening to sign up for lessons, but I'd hate to be the only one in the history of Arthur Murray to be kicked to the curb on the first day. {wink}


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