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Questioning my questions
Wondering what there is to gain
Hoping for the best
Worrying to no avail
Crying tears that dried up last year
Giving strength to weakness within
Considering the circumstances
Watching for white flags
Exhausting every avenue
Bearing unnecessary burdens
Letting go of nothing
Reaching out to everyone I know
Stifling the heartache
Watching it well up and explode
Gasping for freedom's breath
Grasping at an unbroken song
Holding on for happiness
Wishing every wish
Loving despite love's tainted kiss


  1. What poetry does more than anything else is peels away the layers to emotion. I suspect this poem was difficult to write, and maybe even more difficult to post. But it was powerful to read, and it caused me some to reflect on some things from the distant past that resonated with your words.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. You honor me with this assessment. Thank you for taking time to comment. It made putting myself out there all the more worthwhile.

  2. Fully agree with Kevin--the first lines seem to only skim the surface, but you quickly take me to emotional depths where we've all stumbled, and will stumble again. I especially love "tears that dried up last year"--yes, been there, yes; and "watching for white flags."

  3. Bold, strong, true. Brave. Hold on. Loved all the "ing" words. Remember to breath.


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