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to be worthwhile

What would you want to be remembered for?

I'm not sure how to narrow this topic down. What I perceive and what is actually happening in my life sometimes doesn't match up. I have scads of people who appreciate me how I am, yet there are still factions, within my family at least, who detest me. It's actually quite a loathsome situation, and I wish it just weren't true, so that will have to be enough about that. So anyways, I don't know what is realistic.

I hope that people might remember me for being someone who helps and gives. I want to be known for passing along important and valuable lessons--things that matter. I hope I am known by at least a few people for changing their lives for the better in a tangible way. I want to be a great wife and mother.

One last thing would be writing. I want to be known for my writing. From a teenager, I dreamt that people would read my poetry and love it. My hope of publishing a book some day lingers in my heart. I keep thinking that I'm on the path and some of my writing dream has come true through this medium. Although, I do wonder about the depth of this thought. My brothers won't even read my stuff. What's up with that? I read their stuff. I support them any way I can in their creative endeavors. But they won't even take a real good look at what I'm trying to accomplish here. It hurts more than I should let it. In moments like this, I remind myself that my mom would have read my blog and commented every day if she were here. Even if it were just to correct my grammar. And I'm not joking.

At the end of the day, I just really want to be considered good at something worthwhile.


  1. It sounds like you have a good sense of who you are and what to be remembered for. For the writing, seek out the writing community. Start tere. Our families don't always understand . Keep writing.

  2. I ask myself this question often...and never can come up with a good answer. Since I have no children I hope I am remembered for being a great aunt and kind person. But...it would be nice to have something extra..right? I do hope you get a book written...having a blot is a great beginning to that. As for your brothers....guys are like that sometimes...but I know it would be nice if they showed an interest. Your ending about your mom would have read and commented...and corrected it...brought a smile to my face. My mother would have done the same. I feel fortunate that my mother's cousin close to 90 years old reads my blog and writes me an email a few times a week thanking me. I enjoy your blog. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/


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