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Happiest Time

In an effort to get my mind off of the waiting, I decided to watch an old show I had watched with my parents. One of my children was home sick, so he and I started it. Then, when the rest of my gang got home from school, we decided to keep on watching instead of doing chores. I was okay with the idea since I haven't been feeling well with all my lovely anaphylaxis adventures and having a sick child to worry about just added to the pile of cares. We needed a mental health day, as my mother would call them.

Our entertainment was the 1989 TV mini-series "Lonesome Dove". There is a scene when Gus asks his friend, Captain Call, what is the one time when he was happiest. Woodrow replies that he couldn't pick just one of the many times. The question posed and answer given caused me to ponder for myself.

Is it possible for there to be one time when we are happiest? How would I decide? What criteria qualifies it as such?

As I pondered these questions, a sensation came over me, even a knowing. I looked around at my children and knew that seeing my littlest, who struggles with reading, doing reading time with my oldest who is more like a toddler; observing my third teaching herself how to sew (and multitask) a little something for her brother; recognizing my oldest son comprehending the weight of some of the hardships that were dramatized; and relishing our quiet moment at home were pieces of the stuff that makes the happiest of times.

The feeling overwhelmed me as a mother.

Captain Call had just caught up with his friend and could see he would be dying shortly, so it was a sad part. The combination of this along with my vision of happiness pushed tears from my eyes.

There will never be time enough for all we ever want to do, but we must fill the time we are given with the stuff of happiness—true happiness—if we are to make something of it. I am certain the years will fall away quickly enough for they already have begun to do so, yet I can keep a look out for the happy times and make them the happiest times for which anyone could ever wish.

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  1. That was wonderful! I have been trying to keep quotes that I find or read and putting them in a journal-type notebook. When I need a boost,I look through all the things I have collected. This belongs there! Thanks for your blog!


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