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friend exposé


Five friends who highlight some of the magic (and less than magic) moments that influenced me

Tammy: General mischief making, mud pie baking, barbies, and Christmas tree flocking. Oh yeah, and how to bypass her house alarm's wiring on her bedroom window.

Diana: Barbies, homemade Orange Julius smoothies, Smurfs, piano playing, roller skating, pretend make out sessions with pillows

Sarah: Tea parties with Tang, fancy dancing in dress ups, trampolines, scones, swinging in the grape arbor, and the high school's Environmental Club

Melissa: Boys, crash cymbals playing, Dinosaurs pasta, church dances, foster care, walking, how to be a friend

Kathleen: Dish soaping and other forms of revenge, Under 21 club dancing, Asian home cooking, Lollapalooza madness

and then I grew up.


  1. Another clever way to tally up our lives. I hope you didn't grow up and away from your friends.

  2. You forgot BUTTERSCOTCH PUDDING (hello?) and GRANNY PANTIES! ;)

    1. I was totally going to put both of those, but you have the longest list of stuff already. Sheesh!


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