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Lollipop Swing

I'm in class--dance class--and this song comes on. I don't know what is about it that gets me going more than the other songs, but it does. Energy seems to come up through the floor into my feet and out through a smile as it overcomes my face.

Up to this point, I had not found the swing in my Swing--that bit of bounce and style that combines to make Swing swing. I came to class anxious because my Swing test is right now and I just don't have it down. But then, The Chordettes sing through the sound system like a magical trance and I discover I always had that springy swing in my step. I just wasn't allowing it to surface--until now.

I will never forget how the "Lollipop" song sang to me and forced me to let go and find my swing.


  1. I love your title...I had no idea what you would be writing about...but you connected it so well. Thanks for adding the music as I am swinging with it now as I type this...thus many typos that I have had to correct. This can sure bring up someone's mood. thanks! Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  2. How fun! I feel the same way about my zumba class sometimes! Some songs just bring it out in me!

  3. So happy you got the swing in your swing. How did the test go? Love the song as well.


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